Announcing dWeb / April 2018 MIX Update

Posted April 18, 2018 by Jonathan Brown ‐ 19 min read

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dWeb will be the first dapp built on MIX Blockchain. It will take the form of a desktop application installable on Mac, Windows and Linux. The package will include:

  • Ethereum full node software to connect to the MIX blockchain (either Geth or Parity)
  • IPFS
  • Elasticsearch
  • Node.js
  • Various MIX services, e.g. IPFS pining and indexing content
  • dWeb frontend — this will be accessible from the user’s web browser

Anticipated feature set:

  • account management
  • account profile
  • decentralized classification / content flagging
  • text publishing
  • image publishing
  • replying
  • retweeting / quoting
  • personal feeds
  • public feeds (like subreddits)
  • voting
  • moderation
  • full-text search

I will be following the release early, release often methodology.

dWeb will also serve as a reference application so other developers will know how to build on MIX.

Other news:

  • MIX can now be stored on both Android and iOS with Coinomi.
  • The MIX item storage infographic is finished and on the website.
  • C-CEX is now open for new registrations.
  • MIX is now listed on Graviex.
  • MIX is a launch token for
  • MIX value and market cap is now listed on Coinlib, although they only take the data from Graviex.
  • Anarchapulco Gold Sponsorship — this was a fantastic event. We had a booth setup outside the main hall and explained the project to many attendees. There is a real hunger for uncontrolled publication platforms. We were interviewed by Encrypted Couple. Intending to go next year to promote dWeb.
  • I presented at the MIX Party in San Francisco.
  • I was on a panel at Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2018.
  • MIX now has four mining pools:,,,
  • On Thursday I will be presenting at Dojo Bali coworking space followed by an interview for the Dojo Podcast.