January 2018 Update

Posted January 17, 2018 by Jonathan Brown ‐ 4 min read

Originally published at medium.com

I thought I would give you a short update on what is happening with MIX Blockchain over the next few months.

  • New team members — 2 developers, 2 growth hackers and an events coordinator will be joining the MIX team over the next few weeks.
  • New block explorer — we will release a new Web3 block explorer dapp. This will be able to browse any Ethereum blockchain, including MIX.
  • MIX Browser — more functionality (& styling!) is being added to this dapp to demonstrate what MIX is capable of.
  • New infographic — I have been working with a graphic designer to create a diagram explaining the basic architecture of MIX. This will be a great help to developers joining the community.
  • Exchanges — our primary exchange (C-CEX) will be coming out of “limited service mode” around 20th January. There should also be another exchange adding MIX around that time.
  • Coinomi — MIX will be supported in the next release. You can try it out in the BETA version.
  • Anarchapulco — MIX is a Gold Sponsor and I will be in attendance. This will be a fantastic networking opportunity for MIX.
  • San Francisco MIX Party — we will be holding a promotional event in The Mission on 15th March. More details to follow.
  • Satoshi’s Vision conference — I’m a big supporter of Bitcoin Cash and will be in attendance.
  • MIX swag — loads of swag being produced including laptop stickers, t-shirts, hoodies and water bottles.